Kastílie 1312

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Constanza Garciaz Manrique de Lara

I was born in 1285 at the family manor in Lara de los Infantes. My father Garcia Fernandes Manrique de Lara was the 3rd Lord of Amusco. He died seven years ago. My mother, Teresa de Zúñiga, mourned the loss of her husband, but she is still our support. Like many girls from noble families, I received an adequate education, both in the environment of my father's court and with the Cistercian nuns at Las Huelgas in Burgos, where I stayed for a few years to be educated.

The family estate is now administered by my brother Pedro Manrique de Lara and his wife Teresa de Sotomaior.

I recently accepted the kind offer of my aunt, the noble doña Elvira Estevez de Lara, to accompany her on her travels to foreign lands. I thoroughly enjoy the journey and the visits to the various royal courts. I like courtly pastimes, especially dancing, music or troubadour and jousting events. I also have the honour of occasionally standing in for Doña Elvira in public when other matters prevent her from attending.