Kastílie 1312

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professional soldier Jaime de Compostella


Jaime is 25 years old. He was born as the third son of a wealthy cloth dealer in Santiago de Compostella, off the west coast of Iberia, in the region of the wealthy nobles of Trastámara.

He could not take over the family business, so he looked for another livelihood.

As a teenager, he spent time gambling and often got into brawls and fights. Therefore, he began to attend a fencing lessons. His father initially disagreed, but over time he saw an opportunity to place his little disobedient son. City militia would certainly teach him a lesson. But Jaime was very quick in the new craft and his commanders liked him as a companion and a soldier. And so it wasn't long before he commanded his own unit.

His main job was to protect pilgrims from the robbers and to accompany the pilgrims to the city. He has also participated in several smaller battles with the Saracens and is already an experienced veteran.

When Don de Haro came to the city and asked for a reliable soldier to escort to faraway lands, Jaime was elected and he was pleased to agree.